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You may be interested in the following related information[Synthesis of carboxymethylcellulose by solid phase method]. A new and efficient method of carboxymethylcellulose synthesis by covalent bonding between aminomethylated cellulose and carboxymethyl groups in trichloroacetic acid solution, has been developed. Carboxymethylcellulose produced by this method has been characterized by IR, FAB-MS, 1H-NMR, 13C-NMR, Elemental analysis, HPLC and viscosity measurement. The results show that the yield of carboxymethylcellulose is up to 95%.THE DRESDEN FILES A WW2 POW experiences life in a labour camp, Europe 1942-45. A newly released book on the topic of POWs during WW2. I found the book to be more informative than I had expected. I was familiar with the story of the Japanese taking all the British prisoners in the Borneo campaign, but the treatment of Polish prisoners was not well known. However, in this book we learn of the often harrowing conditions under which the prisoners were kept. The prisoners were worked to death. When the POWs were moved from one work area to another they were marched along in a long column with no more than fifteen metres between them. The prisoners were forced to carry heavy loads that weighed 60-75 kilos. They were often forced to march up to 25-30 kilometres a day. The men were under the constant threat of rape by their captors. In one instance a woman was pushed into a cell, the door locked and the guards left. The guards would watch over her until they thought she was capable of sex. The most obvious form of rape was the “Kango”. A “Kango” was when a soldier was given the task of “collecting” the rape of a female. In this case, a woman was caught in her home when the Japanese soldiers broke in. The rapist was made to take her to the local village where other men would be sent to rape her. This happened in large numbers as the Japanese were using the rape of women as a form of troop morale building. Other forms of rape were not as obvious as this. Rape was considered a privilege given to the senior officers of the Japanese Army. So the rape of young boys was a form of hazing.





Pengantarlogikabybariefsidhartapdf (2022)

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